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photographs taken during a recent trip to cambodia, majority of these photographs were taken around siem reap, angkor temples and the wonderful floating village of kampong klaing on the tone sap lake. please visit the cambodia gallery for more photographs.

bazar duzu


selection of photographs taken during a recent trip to bazar duzu, azerbijan's highest mountain at 4485 meters in the greater caucusus range

please visit the Azerbaijan gallery under city lights for more photographs

baku new year lights


selection of photographs taken during the new year festivities in the capital city baku, azerbaijan. please visit the Azerbaijan gallery under city lights for more photographs

southern india


photographs taken during a recent trip to southern India in the region know as kerala, wonderful backwaters with the palm fringed rivers and lakes watching life pass by.



a mudhif is a traditional reed house made by the madan people (also known as marsh arabs) in the swamps of southern iraq. this tradition goes back some 5000 years. rshaig oda al-asadiand his team of 8 arrived on site with two truckloads of reeds one sunday morning, 6 days later it was completed. his team was the definition of teamwork, each person had a defined role and stuck with it, work started at 4.30am with a 2 hour lunch break and then finished at dusk, sleeping under the stars. as per tradition, on completion of the mudhif two sheep were sacrificed. please see gallery for the full set of the build

uk minister in iraq


photographed uk minister alistair burt as he visited the rumaila oilfield in southern iraq. further pictures of the visit can been seen under the gallery section named corporate

vip trip , south rumaila


photographed a vip trip into the rumaila oilfield. conditions were appalling for the day but managed to get a few photographs showing the hash conditions and the pure force of these black hawk helicopters. having five flying in was one of those moments that you don’t forget. to view these go to military in the gallery.

taj mahal


on of the worlds most photographed buildings in the world, but it’s hard not too! To be updated shortly in my gallery photographs of this incredible country 'india' just full of colour.

black hawk


was fortunate enough to be given a ride in an us army helicopter called the ‘black hawk’ . flew low over southern iraq. unfortunately, the weather wasn’t kind with hazy conditions mixed with sand giving a very hash light plus the wearing body armour didn’t make this easy!

ghadames to ghat


recently returned from a wonderful journey ghadames to ghat, libya. one of the most important ancient caravan trade routes. today, travelled infrequently due to it’s close proximity with the international board to algeria. take a look in the gallery section under Libya for a pictorial account of the trip.

1st september celerbrations


celebrations held in the capital of libya, tripoli for libya's leader Muamar gaddafi as his gets ready to celebrates his 40th anniversary of leadership in libya after taking power back in september 1st, 1969.

san francisco


spent a few days exploring the wonderful city of san francisco but the most exciting part photographically was trying to photograph these little hummingbirds while enjoying my breakfast in the nappa valley. as i’m sure some of you will appreciate, timing & light worked against me having only my 24mm - 105mm lens with me at the time - but acceptable results, i think?



updated the gallery with pictures taken last weekend in the green mountain area in and around the wonderful ancient greek ruins of cyrene, apollonia and tolmeitaem and the byzantine culture of qasr libya

people category winner 2008 photo competition - bp horizon


competition judge stuart conway’s comment on the winning picture: “a moment of human tenderness defines this image, not only through the touching hands but also through their expressions. these two women seem to be good friends and the contact between them is a genuinely wonderful, intimate moment, captured beautifully. the fact they are not looking directly at one another gives the image a dreamy quality: they seem quite serene and unaware of the camera, with one woman gazing off into the distance causing the viewer to wonder what is happening elsewhere.”

british school of tripoli


after the desert storms faced 120 plus children in the morning at the british school of tripoli. a lovely friendly school run by headmaster iain colledge however, i will stick to photography and leave the teaching up to iain and his great staff. the children were all well behaved – i must say!!

seismic camp


returned back from a trip into the sahara desert to view a seismic operation for one of the uk’s major oil companies. a wonderful experience and managed between the sand storms to get some nice pictures of the seismic camp and operations – one of the largest camps in the seismic world currently with over 400 plus people to feed and accommodate & moving camp every three weeks!!

house of moist


just completed the first session of photographing a local expatriate rock band based in tripoli, libya called the house of moist. further information on the band can be found at moist-libya on face book. dated january 2009.

leptis magna


i spent the day photographing at leptis magna, libya. spent most of my time in and around the amphitheatre. the amphitheatre is 3km east of the main site of leptis. a truly remarkable place and well worth the visit if you get the chance.

highly commended photograph - bp horizon magazine


Highly Commended photograph - BP Horizon magazine

professional photographer graham trott one of the judges said "the light as it falls on the robes of the horsemen has such a beautiful quality, possibly because the shot was taken during the last moments of usable daylight. it is just a shame that we cannot see any faces of the riders or horses heads, but nevertheless it is an evocative image due simply to the light and the flowing robes."