purchase information

we are pleased to let you know that the majority of these images are available for purchase. you will have noticed that some images already have purchase information offering the most popular size of 18” x 12”. some of these images are limited edition prints – information will be given regarding this at the time of purchase.

photographs viewed on monitor screens may vary in quality. we do offer a higher resolution jpg file on request to help with making a decision. please contact us for more information.

as mentioned our standard print size is 18” x 12 “ however many other sizes are available for prints and we are pleased to offer a wide choice. rather than listing all the options please send your requests directly to us and we will get in touch with you with pricing and delivery information.

we can also turn any of the images into postcards or canvas prints (with or without frames and up to 32” x 48”). depending on the image you choose we can offer advice on what will or will not work.

for any more information please use the contact link or email us at ianmmcgregor Photography

Thank you.